Biscuits & Brews Hosts Rooftop Investor Social

Biscuits & Brews Hosts Rooftop Investor Social

Evening offers sneak-peak into investing in Denver’s first rooftop Canine Social Club 
Future Home of Biscuits & BrewsYou’ve heard about our recent expansion and that you can invest, but we wanted to answer a few questions we’ve been getting.  To give you a sneak-peak and address your questions, Biscuits & Brews is hosting a rooftop investor social on Saturday, April 2nd from 7:00 – 9:30 PM at 719 W. 8th Ave.  Tickets are available by clicking here, and beer and food will be provided.

How do these investments work?
As we look to expand, you are able to invest in our business. Typically, small businesses take on loans for

FB_Biscuits&BrewsBlackSquareexpansion from private individuals or banks who usually want 6-12% APR. In our case, we wanted to go to our customer base and give you the opportunity to get involved in our expansion.

What’s unique about our offering is that the investment amounts are much lower than typical and in small businesses. We’re able to offer you a much better return in food and beverage credits than we could in cash. Additionally, you get the benefits of being an investor – the ability to text us directly, invitations to investor-only events, and the use of an investor-only mobile application with lots of great features.

I’d like to invest less than $1,000. Is that possible?
You spoke and we listened. We received several requests to invest less than $1,000 since many people are LookingfromNorthplayareasouth_Press5first-time investors. We’ve added a $500 investment option which returns $500 in credit to you immediately and buys you .0075% of our annual revenue. This is paid monthly, in credit,Biscuits & Brews Rooftop Canine Social Club till you’ve gotten an additional $375. Remember that you can use our credits for anything at Woof in Boots or our new Biscuits and Brews rooftop restaurant. This includes retail items, pet services, private parties, and more.

We will be offering a $500 investment level exclusively before our April 2 investor event (more info below). Investment returns increase as you invest more, so make sure you look at all of your options.

Get Started: Invest in Woof in Boots

Join us for an exclusive event this Saturday.
We are hosting a taste of what’s to come as we expand with an exclusive investor event oInsidebarlookingnorth_Press6n Saturday, April 2nd.  We will be serving some craft beer and bites as we celebrate new partners in our business and talk about what you will be part of as investors.

Current and Prospective Investors: RSVP for Saturday




We look forward to welcoming you all to this expansion. And we’d love to see you at our event soon!
Vincent and John
Owners, Woof in Boots – Biscuits & Brews



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