Biscuits and Brews Proposal Gains Community Support

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Vincent Palazzotto

Biscuits and Brews Proposal Gains Community Support

Dog Friendly Beer Garden Sets Sites on Denver’s Arts District on Santa Fe

DENVER — Jan. 26th, 2014 — Vincent Palazzotto and John Comandari, the doggy day care duo who opened Woof in Boots in June 2012, are working on a new expansion project they’ve coined Biscuits & Brews, a dog friendly rooftop beer garden.  The proposal aims to combine an interactive, pet-friendly play park with a craft beer (and wine) garden above their existing location in Denver’s Arts District on Santa Fe.  
Both Comandari and Palazzotto decided to launch the Biscuits & Brews brand in the Lincoln Park neighborhood because of the historic culture, vibrancy and wide acceptance of dogs in the community. The team admits that although pet-friendly establishments have been trending (think Bark Bar, Denver Cat Company and Watering Bowl), concerns have prompted the recent shut down of Bark Bar in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood.  The controversy over this once-social hot-spot which provided a place for beer-sipping parents and their pooches have left many wagging their tails in disbelief.   “In the case of Bark Bar, there were many issues which revolved around residential zoning laws, ample parking spaces and community complaints” states Comandari.

To gain feedback, Palazzotto & Comandari will be sharing the proposal with registered neighborhood organizations over the next several weeks. Palazzotto, who has lived in the Lincoln Park neighborhood since 2008, has started an online petition to gain support of the proposal. In addition, the two are working to form ‘good neighbor’ agreements to ensure hours coincide with the spirit of the neighborhood, which to date, Comandari says “Has been very accepting and eagerly awaiting our opening”.     

Palazzotto and Comandari will be presenting and taking questions at the Upper Santa Fe Neighbors RNO at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, February 4th at Semple Brown Design, 1160 Santa Fe Dr.

Click here for more information and to sign the Biscuits & Brews petition.  

About Woof in Boots:

Founded in 2012, Woof in Boots is Denver’s premier dog and cat grooming, training, day care and boarding center.  Located in Denver’s Lincoln Park neighborhood on the 8th Ave corridor and within the heart of Denver’s Arts District on Santa Fe, our team blends a passion for pets and pet-inspired art under one roof.

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  1. Vincent

    Currently, there is not a zoning code that allows an outdoor pet play area combined with an area that allows for food and drinks. A city ordinance would need to be created for Biscuits and Brews to be possible, and we are hopeful we can get that done. Mike O’Flaherty, a Zoning Administrator with the City of Denver’s Community Planning and Development Department provided an update on the issue. Below are the specifics provided on behalf of Mr. O’Flaherty on January 25, 2015.

    The Denver Zoning Code (DZC) currently has no provision for allowing an unenclosed use mixing 1) consumption of food or drinks and 2) an outdoor run or play area for pets as part of a Dog Day Care

    Denver Zoning Code (DZC) uses the term ‘Animal Sales and Service, Household Pets only’ for the Specific Use Type which would include the dog day care. The use is allowed, as an enclosed use, in most mixed use districts subject to approval of a zoning permit and subject to limitations (DZC 11.4.9). Per the limitation, an outdoor run is possible, but only after approval by the Zoning Permit with Informational Review process (4-6 weeks) and only for the pets.

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