Denver’s Best Dog Friendly Hikes of 2017

Denver’s Best Dog Friendly Hikes of 2017

The staff here at Woof in Boots are excited to get our dogs out on the trail this year, and we have compiled a list of Denver’s best dog friendly hikes of 2017!   All listed dog friendly hikes have been tested by our resident adventure dogs: Saatchi, Cooper, Dallas and Louie, along with a few of our client’s pups here at Woof in Boots!  Happy trails and tails to your and your furry friends!



1. Argentine Pass – Keystone, CO

Argentine Pass is in the difficult range, but below expert level. This dog friendly hike is approximately four miles round trip, and half of the trail is above the treeline. There are parts that are super narrow, so all pups would need to be careful, but there are some areas that are wide open areas for a good old fashioned romp! Any dog that enjoys wildlife will have lots of fun with the pikas and mountain goats that the area is known for. The vistas, and history of Argentine Pass make it thoroughly enjoyable for humans as well. This trail is only open in the summer and also allows recreational motorized vehicles. For more information on this hike please click on the picture below.

Argentine Pass


2. Meyer’s Ranch – Conifer, CO  

Meyer’s Ranch is an easy to find, easy to hike trail with your dog. It is right off highway-285.  You’ll start off in a large meadow, but will eventually find yourself in a picturesque forest. This is a trail for everybody, and every skill level, from a small Yorkshire Terrier, to a Labrador Retriever everyone will have a good time. Meyer’s Ranch is a family trail. You can decide how far you want to go; whether it’s just the meadow loop, or trekking over the mountain, there is not a whole lot of technical climbing or very steep hills to climb. It is a nice afternoon escape for you and your pup. For more information on Meyer’s Ranch click the picture below.

meyers ranch


3. Reynold’s Park – Conifer, CO 

Reynold’s Park in Conifer is for the more adventurous hikers. The trails are littered with boulders, and there are some incredibly steep inclines, but the view from Eagle’s View is worth it!! You will need stout hiking shoes, and your four-legged friend will need to be a bit adventurous and athletic. I have been hiking this trail since I was 7 years old and have loved it for as long. You start off in a lush green magical forest, you can almost see the elves peaking around the trees, as you get higher it begins to look more like a coniferous forest. Eagle’s View is a vista of the Rockies, mostly untouched by humans. If you want to enjoy the beauty and adventure of Reynold’s Park without the exertion there are plenty of picnic sites for you and your pup to grill up a hamburger, there are also streams for your furry friend to play and cool off in; it is  tons of fun for your kids as well. For more information please click the picture below.

reynolds ranch


4. Lair O’ the Bear – Morrison, CO

Lair O’ the Bear has something for everyone, you can take a relaxing stroll along Bear Creek and enjoy some quality time with your pooch, or you can take a vigorous, though not super difficult, hike that will bring you to the top of a mountain. Your dog will meet many new friends-canine and human alike! No matter what you decide to do the 3 mile Bear Creek Trail or the 12.6 mile trail that takes you through three different parks you and your pooch will get some quality time on this serene trail. For more information please click the picture below.

 lair of the bear


5. Bard Peak – Empire, CO 

If you and your pooch want an adventure Bard Peak is the way to go, this is a very difficult hike as there is no official trail just game trails you follow as you climb. Bard Peak is right off I-70, but you won’t see a lot of other people or dogs hanging on this beautiful trail, and when you reach the top you will only see the highway in two places. This is a good hike for a dog and human alike to get back to the wild, but expect a difficult climb. For more information please visit

bard peak

6. Echo Lake – Arapahoe National Park

Echo Lake is a beautiful and easy hike for you and your dog.  If you want to get the majesty of Mt. Evans without the epic climb, Echo Lake is the way to go. You and your dog can hike around this beautiful lake taking in the scenery, and cool history (human), as well as the smells and strange creatures (dog). Echo Lake is a place the whole family can enjoy, so bring a picnic (don’t forget the Beggin Strips), and spend the day marveling at the beautiful state we call home. For more information please click on the picture below.

echo lake


7. Mount Falcon – Morrison, CO 

Mount Falcon is beautiful and historical trail for you and your dog to visit.  It is super close to Denver so you and Fido can hike for a couple of hours and still get back before the sun goes down!! On Mount Falcon you get a view of Red Rocks, the Denver cityscape, and of the snow covered mountains. Your dog will make new friends, and have a myriad of new smells to explore. There is also a cool history, and some ruins of a castle for history buffs! Afterwards you can cool down in the town of Morrison which offers excellent Mexican food, and unique shops!  For more information please click on the picture below.

 mount falcon 

8. Democrat Mountain – Empire, CO 

Democrat Mountain is a difficult hike but people, and dogs that are in good shape can definitely do it. The camping ground at the base is very crowded so it is a good idea to keep your pup on a leash. Mount Democrat is one of three peaks that you can climb. The other two are Mount Lincoln, and Mount Bross. All together they are a “14er”. This is not a good hike for animals who are afraid of thunder as this area has monster thunder storms in the summer. You and your pooch will have a great time making your way up this technical climb. You will need to be prepared for adverse weather. For more information please click on the follow picture.

democrat mountain


9. Panorama Point – Golden, CO

Panorama Point trail is about 7 miles long and is a medium in difficulty. It is a part of Golden Gate Canyon Park. Your dog and you will truly enjoy this beautiful park, and if a 7 mile hike is too much for you and your dog, then there are plenty of other trails to try in this gorgeous open space!! For more information please visit:

Panorama Point dog friendly hike


10. Red Rocks – Morrison, CO 

Red Rocks is a nationally known icon, the only natural amphitheater known. No top hiking list would be complete without it. Red Rocks has many a trail branching off into all the natural rock formations, they range from easy to hard, and Fido is invited to all of them; even the amphitheater itself (when not in use). Let your dog sing the song of his people in one of the most beautiful amphitheaters in the world. It is said that bands like The Eagles will plan their entire tour around playing Red Rocks,  so you should romp and sing with your dog in the greatest natural wonder of Colorado!

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater


When discovering these amazing hiking spots please be aware of your dogs safety and well being. Be aware of the wildlife in the area that could harm you or your inquisitive puppy. There are many areas in the high country that are home to rattlesnakes, mountain lions, and bears know what is out there and how to keep your pup safe. Many of these trails are also popular with mountain bikers and horseback riders, and they are not always going to be aware of your dog so please make sure you know if the trails you are hiking allow mountain bikers or horseback riders and watch out for them. Always bring water, snacks and first aid for you and your pup! All the state parks have leash laws on the trails, however there may be places in the parks where your pup can romp free.  Happy hiking!!!


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