Top 3 Health Benefits of Having a Pet

Top Benefits of Having a PetYou’ve heard the old adage “Dog is man’s best friend,” yes? How about, “Gerbils bring joy,” or “Horses make you happy,” or “Your cat is probably plotting to kill you” – wait… That last one’s not quite right. But even if your cat does occasionally seem to be planning your demise, you’re STILL reaping immeasurable benefits from your furry roommate.

  • Boost that immunity!
    Many of us know people who turn into adorable, leaky, watery-eyed messes when they’re around cat fur. But a recent study led by James E. Gern, MD, shows that children growing up around animals with fur end up having a smaller risk of allergies and asthma down the road, they are less likely to develop eczema, and their bodies produce higher levels of immune system chemicals. True, this doesn’t help those of us who already have issues with fur, but it’s great news for families who are looking to expand their litter – I mean, brood.
  • Get out of that house! 
    Did you read our recent post about dog parks in Denver? There are SO many amazing opportunities for you and your dog to play outside. And you know what? Most people that go to those parks are friendly. They’ll ask you questions about your dog and – gasp – maybe even about YOU. A pet is a fantastic icebreaker, and a great way to practice small talk if you’re working on graduating from socially awkward to socially capable.
  • Don’t worry, BE HAPPY! 
    The best, best part about having a pet? Companionship. If you don’t tell your dog / cat / snake / ferret all your secrets, your emotional stresses, your problems at work yet, start talking now. They are great listeners, and won’t judge (at least, not to your face), and having such a good buddy around has been shown to lower your risk of heart disease, to lessen anxiety and stress, to lower blood pressure, and to boost serotonin and dopamine.

So what are you waiting for? Get to your nearest animal shelter, and save two lives today – your new pet’s and your own.

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