Training Your Cat – Part Two

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In Part Two of our cat training series, we want to tackle THE big issue: the litter box. It seems to be the most common problem for cat owners, and we’ve got all the answers to your questions.


The Litter Box

When bringing a new cat into your long-time home (or your long-time cat into a new home), start by putting both cat and litter box in a room with hard flooring (i.e. NOT carpet). Give your cat time and space to become accustomed to the new bathroom ritual, making sure that both the box and the litter are clean and fresh. If your cat is entirely new to using a box, make sure you purchase a simple one. Too many complicated gadgets and pieces can confuse or intimidate your cat, so he’ll end up “eliminating” someplace more comfortable (like your shoe or bed!).

If you’ve had your cat for a while, and he or she develops bathroom issues out of the blue, try moving the litter box to a new area. It’s possible that your kitty was startled while using the bathroom, and has learned to associate its regular box area with a negative experience.

On that same note, don’t forget what we said in Part One about positive reinforcement – sticking your cat’s nose in its mess will only make it associate bathroom time with punishment. Instead, reward your cat when it does its duty properly.



A dirty litter box is the number ONE cause of kitty bathroom issues. Remember, cats are picky, so clean the box often, adding new sand as needed to keep kitty happy.

And so ends our little blurb on training your cat! Did we miss anything?

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